Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where Did She Go?

Shortly after my mom left we decided to pull out
Abigail's high chair. We hadn't gotten it out since
we recieved it & thought maybe she'd be big
enough to sit in it. Well, what do you think? :)

Sometimes it seems like she is growing so fast, then
we step back & remember she is only 3 months old
& about 10lbs...not very big at all :)
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D & A said...

Ha ha. She doesn't look too happy in that thing!! = )

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Nothing like picking on your daughter's height, Craig. What a dad. :) She is a cutie! Craig, start preparing to fight off the boys.
By the way, I'm jealous of your sunny, warm weather.


D & A said...

I had to comment again. In the second picture Abigail is looking at you all like, "What kind of parents did I get stuck with??"
LOL ; )