Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It Seems I've Found a Friend

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On The Town

Craig and I found a new spot to hang out in the downtown area. We
were able to take a nice stroll down the river and watch some yachts
cruise by....the kind of yachts that cost more than any house we'll
ever purchase:) It was quite fun!

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Friday, January 11, 2008


She got a few shots she spent a lot
of the afternoon sleeping. I know she wasn't feeling
her best but, as you can tell, she still woke up with
such a cute disposition (smiling & making faces).
She has been strengthening those neck muscles
quite a bit. We are daily amazed at all she is

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The Bonnet

So I thought this outfit from Abigail's Mimi was so cute. I
just had to do a little phote shoot with her. The bonnet
makes me think of little Laura Engles (did I spell that right?).
Anyway, she started out asleep but then woke up and
seemed to be showing off all her many faces for me!

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Happy Abby

She is just beginning to make sounds like she is
trying to laugh - it's contagious!

Believe it or not, it got cold here a couple days last
week. So we bundled up in the house with space heaters.

These are from bath time the other day. As long as she
doesn't get cold water on her she enjoys it thoroughly.
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Thursday, January 3, 2008


We went to Cocoa Beach to celebrate Christmas & my birthday
with the Shuff side of the family....

(Abigail & her sock monkey from Aunt Stephanie)
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Christmas Day

Our favorite Christmas present this year...

Abigail opening books from Grammy -

Better late than never: Merry Christmas from the Shuffs

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