Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2 Months

Wow, we have really been in a whirlwind of activity lately and
it seems I've lost my interest in updating people on our life
via technology! But here it goes...

Since our vacation to Seattle, Craig's been to Boston to participate
in a wedding, sadly we made an unexpected trip home for the
funeral of Craig's grandfather, Craig had an unexpected
opportunity to spend a week in Germany, while Abigail and I
took advantage of the chance to spend time with family in
both KY & TN, we also spent some time in Cocoa with family,
then had a young adult retreat in Ft. Meyers beach and recently
spent a couple more days in Cocoa for some R&R.

Abigail is talking, talking, talking. She's making progress on
saying her A,B,Cs and loves to sing songs. She can tell us who
all her friends are and also says her own name (first & last).
Last month she made the transition to a toddler bed. She's
a delight. I'll try to post more pics soon :)
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