Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pics of the Week!

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Sitting Up

Just in the last week, Abigail has really begun to figure
out how to sit up on her own. For nearly three days
we'd just find a place to sit her (with lots of padding
around) and she was so excited to sit up play...laying
down was not an option. With this new found ability
she is now starting to lunge forward to reach for
things and seems to already be desirous of crawling.
I guess she's just like the rest of us...always looking
forward to the next step in life :)
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Father's Day

I just love these pictures of Abigail and her Daddy! She
smiles alot when she is with him. However, on this
particular day it took a little work to get her to smile for
the camera. For whatever reason, Abigail loved to
watch people sing and dance to the theme song of our
Vacation Bible School - "He's Got the Power." So as
you look at these pictures just imagine me singing,
dancing & flexing my muscles (just like the kids did
at VBS)....amazing the things we do to make our little
girl smile!
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Abigail is a Reds Fan!

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Shuff Family

Here are several pics from the Shuff family visit a
few weeks ago.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Princess Walker

Craig's parents were in town two weekends and we really
enjoyed their company. They bought Abigail this sweet
little walker. Her feet don't quite hit the ground yet, but
I love having something girly for her to play with. You
can see the curiosity on her face as she explores her
fairytale land.
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Sea World Again

We were able to go to Sea World again. This time our curious
Abigail actually noticed the animals. Of course, we were going
there for me, not her, but it was so fun to see her take an
interest in what was going on. She intently watched the entire
dolphin show. At one point some birds flew out into the
audience and her head spun to watch them swish by...very cute!

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Mother's Day

Once again I'm behind on my updates! Our computer was out
of commission for a while...but that doesn't account for the
whole month :) For Mother's Day Abigail gave me the Mary
Poppins movie...I wonder if she is going to think this movie
is crazy by the time she's old enough to understand it.
It had been a while since I'd seen it and I think it's kinda
wierd...but you just gotta love those songs..."just a spoon full
of sugar helps the medicine go down, medicine go dooown,
medicine go down....."
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