Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Changes Every Day

In the last 3 weeks Abigail has made so many amazing
changes! She is crawling, trying to stand herself up,
babbling, maybe waving, her first 2 teeth have come
in, her hair is is really incredible. Each
day I think I can't imagine her any different than she
is right now and each day she does something she
didn't do the day before. We are daily blessed by her

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Shuff Travels

A weekend getaway with the family during my
trip to Louisville.

A chance to visit with some dear friends.

Craig in France. (the only sad part about being
in Louisville for two weeks)
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blue Jeans & Laundry

Well, Abigail is 8 mo. old today and can finally fit
into these 0-3 mo jeans! She's sitting up so good
and is loving to be moving...she made her first
attempts at crawling last week.

She has taken a liking to the laundry basket recently.
She's thinks its funny to sit underneath of it.