Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beach Baby

This was our first time at the beach in quite a
while. Abigail loves being out doors. It would
have been a great day for swimming...but
we weren't prepared for that. We all enjoyed
the outting though!

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Thumbs & Toes

It was only a matter of time....our Abby Dabby figured out
how to suck on her thumbs & her toes in the same week!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retreat - Part 2

Having Abigail just makes everything more fun!

I think this is the first family photo with all of us smiling :)

She really didn't like being strapped down so much this
past weekend, but you sure wouldn't know by this smile.

I was entertaining her in the back seat with this butterfly
and she thought it was great! Everytime I would swoop
it down to her face she would laugh out loud. It's the
first time we've seen her laugh at something other than
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Retreat - Part 1

Craig, Abigail and I went on a retreat with some of the college/
career students this past weekend. We went camping just
north of Orlando. We had a great time enjoying God's
creation and getting to know Him a little better. And no, I
wasn't brave enough to actually "tent" camp with Abigail. I
know myself and her too well for that :) We stayed in a lodge
room on the same property.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.....

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Growing Baby

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Fun Times

We had our Sunday School Class over for a cookout a couple
weeks ago and had a great time! We just love our church family!

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Happy Easter

We spent Easter day a little differently than we have in the past.
After our special Resurrection Sunday Service, Craig headed to
the Everglades to camp and fish with our pastor (and the gators).
Above is a jewfish he caught. I went to Key Largo to spend a day
with our pastor's family. It was a fun getaway! Though I did miss
watching all my cousins hunting for eggs.
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