Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1st Stop: Orlando

So for the first part of our vacation we went to Orlando
so I could take advantage of my Christmas present - a
season pass to Sea World! While there, we went to
Downtown Disney...I think Abby makes a great
Minnie Mouse impression, don't you?

The first thing we did at Sea World was visit the dolphin
nursery (for all the baby & mama dolphins). Craig and
I were having a leisurely conversation while Abigail sat
in my arms, when WHACK! We were hit with a wall of
water! So after only 10 mintues of being in the park, we
found ourselves soaked from head to toe and heading
straight for the bathroom to change Abigail's clothes
and to stop her from screaming. Even though we were
tasting salt for the next several hours, Abigail did
recover and we had a very fun time together!

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Holt Family said...

So, when Luk sees this picture he will say, "There's Ninnie"... Yes, we miss you already!!!