Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retreat - Part 2

Having Abigail just makes everything more fun!

I think this is the first family photo with all of us smiling :)

She really didn't like being strapped down so much this
past weekend, but you sure wouldn't know by this smile.

I was entertaining her in the back seat with this butterfly
and she thought it was great! Everytime I would swoop
it down to her face she would laugh out loud. It's the
first time we've seen her laugh at something other than
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Anonymous said...

I guess you could say Abigail has "butterflies in her stomach," but hers tickle. Let's see, that's a little goofy. I found this quote by an unknown author: "A butterfly goes where it pleases and pleases wherever it goes." The first part doesn't apply here, but it sounds good. Love you, DMD

D & A said...

She is way too sweet!!