Monday, July 16, 2007

Our House

Here is our house. It & the church office are
sitting on 12 acres of land. We are very greatful
for the trees shading our house & providing a
lovely view out our front window.

Living room - Mom, I modified the curtians just
a bit to make them work for this window - I
thought you'd be proud.

Dining room -opens to the living room. Sliding
doors open up to the patio.

Kitchen - The window over the sink & counter
slides all the way open. So when it finally gets
cooler (around January). We can open them up
all the way to let fresh air in, have a bar-b-q &
serve food from inside.
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Anonymous said...

The curtains look good! You did a great job! Love you, R&D

gracie said...

Wow! Looks great!

Eric said...

Dear Craig,

I am solemnly sorry about your sudden collapse in the Fantasy rankings. It's too bad that you've fallen 4.5 points behind me.

And people thought Brandon Phillips was picked too early. Ha!

From your bragging brother,